Emily Sheppard

                   "The space between the past & future, is  aesthetically haunting & an alluring quality that is a mechanism  of birth for my current practice. These sensibilities I have been honing in my journey have developed into a language that allows me to navigate the space between now and the future to help me find a current;  a flow."                                                                                              -E.Sheppard

Comprehension is more than just one piece of evidence. To fully understand anything we have to know the story, the history, the experience – or for art’s sake the process.  Ceramics, Painting, Printmaking, Collage, Sculpture, Textiles and Drawing make up most of Sheppard’s current preference of languages. The work produced is always dedicated to investigating materials & how we can use these as a tool to communicate. A visual language that references history behind their uses and traditions all the while leaving you with timeless sense of curiosity.

"I am interested in the minds of creators. Artists, Trades peoples, Musicians and all those with tactile, visceral & spatial sensibilities."  My heavan is place where the cycle & process of art & the genesis of ideas is eternal, that's where I want to live forever"  says Sheppard.  Deciphering art has become something of an addiction that current museum & gallery frequenters are not all too conscious of,  and this need to know, or investigation…” she continues “- the fact that we have to understand  & dissect art has always fascinated me, when so many musicians share notes with us and we never dare ask how they got there.” 


Emily Sheppard was born in London, Ontario in 1985.  Soon after attending H.B Beal’s Special Art Vocational Program and Emily Carr’s External degree program in Courtenay BC, & finished her studies at the Emily Carr Campus on Granville island Vancouver, BC. After graduation worked as the Curator at the Fall Tattooing & Artist Gallery and eventually opened her own space; ” Sheppard’s Pie Gallery.”  This period of time allowed her to establish some inspiring cultural events including shows like the Vancouver UnderGround Fashion Show & the 24 Artist 24 Hours Project & to collaborate with a huge variety of artistic & like minded young artists. She currently lives & works in East Vancouver, BC and works as a Ceramics Instructor & Technician a local art centre . Handmade objects like mugs and bowls and other pottery allow people to bring pieces of her art into their homes, work places and into their lives on an every day basis.